Simply begin again

Ah winter, when snuggling further under the covers wins over climbing out of bed to sit on the floor for meditation most most mornings…

It is so easy to let go of the non-essential when circumstances change. Exercise regimes drop off during the festive season or when it rains for too long, healthy eating often suffers in busy times and a meditation habit can fall away with any of the above. It seems blog writing is much the same!

The answer is simple - begin again.

Start small and keep it simple to re-establish rhythm and routine. Don’t add it to the ‘to do’ list, but remind yourself why you want to practice and move from there.

Personally, I’m still sitting every day but the lovely morning routine of 20 minutes before breakfast broke down during exams. I haven’t quite got the groove back, which is also the excuse I’m using for lack of blog posts. There are numerous drafts, one on doubt and laziness in particular that ironically I just don’t know how to finish. Instead of getting frustrated with myself I’m choosing to start again today, after three weeks off I’m back writing here and recommitting to the morning practice too.

As Tara Brach often says in her guided meditations - we can start fresh in any moment. This next breath can mark the beginning of a new chapter, a line drawn between then and now.

If your motivation has been lagging recently, take a deep breath and simply begin again.


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