Choose Less Over More

When starting a new project it is easy to overload your schedule with goals and tasks. The reality is, the more we add to the to do list, the less we achieve and the more likely we are to can the whole thing before even starting out.

Take this site, for example. It began with a very simple premise - my desire to share the practice of meditation with you, and thoughts on embracing secular spirituality. Simple. Posts every couple of weeks, maybe a course on mindful inspiration in daily life, perhaps eventuallya couple guided meditations for you.

This idea quickly grew to plans for a podcast, periscope sessions, a book, interviews, reviews and more. Enthusiasm rolled into epic to do lists and things to achieve, which quickly lead me to the wall of overwhelm. Writing stopped, and a month went by without a post. Ego was everywhere - I would become a writer, a meditation teacher, a mindfulness champion!

Ah the trappings of our funny human minds hey?

“Simplicity boils down to two steps: identify the essential, eliminate the rest”

~ Leo Babauta of Zen Habits

Taking Leo’s advice, I refocused. This project is not a money making venture for me, its a way to share things I feel are important and worth while - practices that have helped me make life better, that give me a depth and meaning that previously I didn’t think was possible outside a religious context.

Cut the to do list, narrow your focus, eliminate the unessential.

Can you apply this principle to a major project in your own life? How might you simplify and prioritize?

For Sit Breathe Meditate, the focus has narrowed. I will post here twice a month, write a newsletter with fresh content once a month (you can sign up below) and am working towards launching some sort of online course in the new year. That is all.

Clear, concise and - importantly - achievable.


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