I’m not a meditation teacher, but I want to share what I know so far to help you get started. One of the beautiful things about meditation is that it is simple (not necessarily easy, but the instructions for beginners are relatively simple!) and free to try. All you need is somewhere to sit, a timer, and the ability to breathe. If you are brand new to meditation, you might like to read my simple guide to meditation, and then download the audio below to use at home.

Guided Meditations

Here is a simple six minute guided meditation, with a focus on the breath and sensations in the body. Click on the image below to play the track (in most browsers) or right click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3.

Similar to the six minute practice, here is a ten minute guided mindfulness meditation using the breath, sounds and sensations to help you stay present.

Please note, if you have any questions about meditation practice I really recommend starting with an in-person course somewhere local to you. An experienced teacher can help you in a way self-guided practice and apps never can. Also, if you have any concerns about how meditation makes you feel, do chat with a teacher or qualified mental health professional. Any suggestions I offer here are based solely on my own personal limited experience, and are simply designed to give you a taste of what mindfulness practice can be like.

If you are looking for more free guided meditations, you might want to check out the extensive list I wrote here.